About Us

Morning Glory Chai has been brewing chai since 1995. Based in Seattle, Washington, Morning Glory Chai is available in over 400 cafes and markets, primarily in the Western US.

In 1998 MGC moved out of it's home-basement origins, with the creation of Mr. Spot's Chai House in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. The original location was quickly outgrown and both MGC and Mr. Spots moved around the corner to what was the home of Mr. Spots Chai House.

Behind the Chai When MGC's inventor, Jessica Vidican-Neisius, first visited Seattle in the late 1980s, she fell in love with the wild wet North West, and was amazed there was no Chai. She knew that the cold, damp weather called for something to chase the chill out of the bones.

A spicy brew.

Morning Glory Chai was created to improve digestion, circulation, and keep people moving in the dark days of the Northwest winter. In her experience as a local village witch, Jessica knew of many herbs that act as tonics and are beneficial to consume every day, such as Astragalus, Ginko, and Ginger. The art was making a delicious, vegetarian concoction everyone could enjoy as a daily beverage, while slipping in many of these restorative ingredients...without tasting like dirt! 
(A complete list of ingredients is listed here)

The long days of a Seattle summer laid the inspiration for Morning Glory Green Chai, a unique blend of green tea, ginseng, peppermint, and catnip. Yes. catnip. According to Jessica, "The world in so full of struggle and strife we all could use a little catnip to relax help us enjoy each moment."

Jessica continues to concoct variations on the chai with new recipes and boutique runs. The recent success of Hot Gypsy Love, is a sign of exciting things to come!