Spiced Chai - Classic Label - 64 oz

Morning Glory Chai

Spiced Chai - Classic Label - 64 oz

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The same chai concentrate but with our classic label. Available at a discount while supplies last.

Morning Glory Chai is a spicy, invigorating blend of Indian aromatics, Chinese tonic herbs and fine teas designed to strengthen the immune system, increase the vital energy, improve mental clarity, and warm the body from the inside out. Lightly sweetned with pure honey and organic maple syrup, Morning Glory Chai can be blended with flavored syrups, chocolate, and even espresso! For delicious recipe ideas, click here.

Each 64 ounce Jug is handcrafted with love in our Seattle brewery. Made from sturdy HDPE #2, the most widely recycled plastic in the world, our Jugs are reusable and bisphenol-a free for your health.