Our Chai

Are you looking for a pick me up? Be it first thing in the morning, that 10 AM drag, or the 3PM slump at work, we all know the feeling. A deadline is looming, and you need something to give you that extra boost. You turn to the coffee maker. Coffee is too strong, or maybe you’ve already had a cup. Maybe you don’t even like coffee or are trying to give your body a break from your normal coffee intake. Besides, coffee is acidic, and it can leave you with that dreaded coffee breath, causing co-workers and loved ones alike to avoid you. No, you want something refreshing that will perk you up without all the negative effects. That’s when chai catches your eye. Have you had chai? If so, you likely had a sugary drink that was syrup based and tasted artificial. Most chai drinks have up to 22g of sugar in each serving, practically junk-food. Even if you do find a healthy chai option, it is often not brewed chai, leading to a shallow flavor profile. You’re looking for something gourmet made with natural ingredients. What is a healthy, refreshing option to energize you to take on the day?

Introducing Morning Glory Chai, the chai company that uses only natural ingredients to produce our high-quality, delicious chai. Morning Glory Chai drinks have the caffeine you need to make it through the day. With only 7g of sugar in each serving, we provide the sweetness that you’re looking for while providing you a healthy option to replace coffee, soda, and energy drinks. We only brew our chai with real tea leaves, creating a robust flavor while keeping the syrup in the cabinet where it belongs. Whether it’s classic chai, green, herbal, and now lemon, we have the perfect chai for any mood and any time of year. Each of these flavors has been tested and crafted to perfection. Or, you can add your own flavors to personalize our chai. It’s not too sweet- we’ve made it that way on purpose. With only natural ingredients and flavors, our chai is the healthy and clean option for your day. And with our natural spices, our chai freshens your breath, not ruins it.

Our chai is different. When our founder, Jessica, began Morning Glory Chai, she made a commitment to herself, to her team, and to her company: never use an artificial ingredient. Morning Glory Chai has stayed true to this commitment for 22 years. With facilities located in Washington state, we have access to some of the purest, highest quality water the US has to offer. And since we run our own facility, we control the production of our chai from start to finish. Our team has over 50 years of brewing experience, and we use this experience to ensure we produce the highest quality chai, every step of the way. Morning Glory Chai was created to be an alternative to overly sweet drinks. We have perfected our sweetness level by crafting our recipes in cooperation with a team of herbalists and testing them to ensure you get the perfect balance between sweetness and the chai flavors. And since Jessica is still in charge of our production, we guarantee that the key principles of our chai – natural, flavorful, and made with love – will come through in every sip.

The next time you need a healthy pick me up, drink Morning Glory chai. It’s a low-calorie, low-sugar treat that will leave you with that fresh, clean tea flavor. Morning Glory Chai drinks are uplifting. You want to be refreshed- not drenched in sugar leaving your heart racing and energy crashing in fifteen minutes. Morning Glory Chai is a gentle energy boost when you need it, for whatever life gives you that day. Because with Morning Glory Chai, happiness comes in a cup.